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Maker/DIY Solutions

Arduino – at the Heart of the Maker Movement

Arduino™  is a hardware and software environment for making interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world. Since 2005, a worldwide community of “makers” has gathered around this open source platform. And Microchip MCUs were there from the outset, providing  first the AVR MCUs, and later the SAM MCUS, as the hardware side of the equation. Artists, designers, inventors, engineers, musicians and even school children use Arduino with boards designed around AVR® or ARM®-based MCUs to turn brainstorms into real working things.

Training: From Maker to Manufacture: Bridging the Gap from Arduino to AVR

By delivering a unique combination of good performance, ease of use and a free GNU GCC compiler, Microchip MCUs perfectly complement Arduino and the needs of makers. Microchip MCUs and Arduino—the original duo at the heart of the global maker movement.

Microchip's Get Launched Initiative

Microchip’s Get Launched initiative was started with you, the maker, in mind. Microchip can provide all the tools you need to quickly take a great idea to prototype and on to market. Microchip provides:

Support - resources to help you succeed

Mentoring - expertise in design and manufacturing

Network - introductions to a network of helpful people and companies

Product Portfolio - a wide porftolio including IoT, software and design tools

The chipKIT™ Development History

On May 23, 2011, Microchip Technology and Digilent Inc. announced the release of two new development boards, the chipKIT UNO32™ and the chipKIT MAX32™. Both boards featured Microchip Technology’s PIC32 microcontrollers that utilize the MIPS® M4K 32-bit Core.

These two platforms were developed specifically to introduce 32-bit functionality to the Arduino™ community that up until that time was limited to 8-bit. Special attention was made during the development to ensure users could move into the 32-bit space while still enjoying the code references, application examples and other resources that exist on the main Arduino™ site with little to no modification.

Resources for Makers

The Arduino ecosystem provides a large array of development boards and tools. Our featured development boards should help to get you started. More information on Arduino can be found at: www.arduino.cc