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Bluetooth® Audio and Voice Solutions

Get to market fast with our high-performing and unique Bluetooth audio and voice processing products. Break free of wires with our Wireless Concert and Wireless Stereo Technologies to deliver an uninterrupted listening experience to your customers.  Add voice control to your product that requires a Human-Machine Interface (HMI).  Simplify your design using our RF-certified modules, reference designs and sample code. From start to finish we arm you with the right tools to get your product to market quickly and reliability.

Smartphone Home Control Introduction

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Timberwolf Voice Processors

  • Support local or cloud-based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Two- and three-microphone far-field Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certified
  • Support far-field full duplex communication and sound classification
  • Easily tuned for optimal audio performance with our MiTuner™ Tool
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BM83 and IS2083

For Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

  • Bluetooth 5.0-certified dual-mode audio IC and fully certified module
  • Wireless Concert Technology (WCT) for broadcast party mode
  • Configurable turnkey solution with stack and audio processing in one solution
  • Sony’s LDAC™ audio codec technology provides high-resolution audio
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For Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Tiny Bluetooth 5.0-certified dual-mode IC measures only 3.5 × 5 mm; ideal for small earbud designs
  • Wireless Stereo Technology (WST) provides robust RF connectivity and high-fidelity audio quality
  • Reference design package accelerates development time
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Markets and Applications

From two-way voice communication to uninterrupted streaming music, our wide range of solutions service a variety of voice recognition and Bluetooth audio applications.  When seamless, reliable and high-quality audio is the foundation of your product, don’t compromise for less.

Voice-Controlled Smart Homes

  • IP and security cameras
  • Conferencing systems
  • Voice-controlled devices
  • Sound-monitoring IoT sensors

High-Fidelity Distributed Audio

  • Party mode speakers
  • High-resolution (Hi-Res) speakers and headphones with LDAC
  • Audio transmitter dongles

Stereo Headsets and Earbuds

  • Wireless Earbuds
  • Sports headsets
  • Headphones and neckbands
  • Voice headsets

Why Choose Our Bluetooth Solutions for Your Audio or Voice Design?

Bluetooth Module Programming Services

  • Your code your way: We offer services to program your customized parameters and choice of firmware
  • Use link below to request programming services terms and conditions
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Technical Support for Every Phase of Your Development

  • Take the guesswork out of wireless
  • Submit your design to our wireless experts for review
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Certified Chip-Down Design Packages

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Ready to Get Started?

We provide step-by-step instructions to get started quickly with our fully certified solutions. You can also download code examples and documentation to simplify your development.

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Featured Development Tools

Timberwolf Evaluation Kit

Part Number: ZLK3800BADA

Our audio processing evaluation boards are designed to aid and speed up the evaluation of our AcuEdge™ technology. They provide a simple analog interface that can be connected to microphones and speakers in a plastic enclosure to allow for subjective testing of the Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC). The miniature size allows for easy mounting in any existing plastic enclosure.

The Timberwolf Evaluation Kit includes the following demos:

  • Embedded ASR
  • Two-way audio
  • Beamformer
  • Multi-microchip audio
  • Sound classifiers (alarm and glass detector)

Supported Timberwolf Devices

  • ZL38050, ZL38051, ZL38052,
  • ZL38063, ZL38067

Timberwolf Development Kit for Amazon AVS

Part Number: ZLK38AVS2

This front-end audio development kit features the ZL38063 audio processor and supports single-, two- or three-microphone configuration for both linear and triangular arrays. It is designed to recognize the Alexa wake word and provide enhanced voice commands for cloud processing in adverse audio environments. It has been tested and is recommended on the Amazon AVA developer website.

Key Features

  • One-, two- and three-microphone options
  • LED ring to report the detected sound location
  • High-quality speaker
  • Raspberry Pi® 3B

Amazon Ecosystem

  • Reference code implements complete Echo functionality
  • Provides developer access to Alexa Skills