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Wireless Connectivity Solutions

With the massive growth of the Internet of Things, wireless connectivity has never been more important. Quickly incorporate connectivity to your designs with wireless ICs, modules, software and development kits that make connecting effortless for your customers. Our comprehensive wireless portfolio has the technology to meet your range, data rate, interoperability, frequency and topology needs.

Wireless Connectivity Technologies


  • High data rates enable video/audio
  • Deploy globally with pre-certified modules
  • Popular cloud provider support
  • Personal and enterprise security support
  • Extensive interoperability testing
  • Linux® and RTOS support


  • Connect mobile apps to Bluetooth audio or data devices
  • Low power enables long battery life
  • Small packaging for portable/wearable devices
  • Mobile app source code
  • Extensive interoperability testing
  • Bluetooth 5 support


  • Long range, up to 15 km, enables lower-cost networks and distant locations
  • Easy to use add-on modules
  • Low power enables long battery life
  • Global network and radio certification support
  • Certified LoRaWAN™ protocol stack

IEEE 802.15.4

  • Robust mesh networking creates ultra-reliable connections
  • Highly-integrated MCU with radio for a cost-effective node solution
  • Supports multiple frequencies for range and data-rate optimization
  • Free MiWi™ and zigbee® stacks


  • Robust point-to-point communication for ruggedized, industrial environments
  • Highly-integrated MCU with radio for a cost-effective node solution
  • Free MiWi networking stack with mesh and point-to-point modes

Remote Controls

  • Simple and economical RF remotes
  • Minimal MCU resources required
  • Broad selection of modulations and frequencies for design scalability
  • Ideal for short-range and low data-rate applications
  • Passive RFID, RF and IR solutions

Why Microchip for Wireless Connectivity?

Continuous Innovation

Firmware – We continually evolve product firmware to incorporate the latest security enhancements, improve product performance and deliver new features. Our firmware is developed and extensively tested in-house to ensure trouble-free operation.

Over-the-Air Updates (OTA) – We built our Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee® products to be field upgradable via Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, such as security patches, updates for better access point interoperability, feature enhancements and more, to ensure continued secure and robust operation. Click here for the Over-the-Air Updates (OTA) page.

Voice Activation – Have you dreamed of customers using their Amazon Alexa™ or Google Home™ device to control your application? Make it a reality with our evaluation kits and firmware.

Mobile Apps – From demonstration to productization, our mobile apps allow you to remotely control your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth application with free source code to jump start your own app.

IoT/Cloud - Leverage our ready-made Cloud connectivity kits for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud IoT and Microsoft Azure to securely enable IoT connectivity to your application.  Click here for the IoT page.

Security - Threats to your system are a primary concern for us. We prioritize firmware updates to ensure threats are eliminated quickly, allowing you to keep your designs connected and protected. Learn more about WPA2 vulnerability, Sweyntooth BLE, and Kr00k updates.

Robust Operation

Compliance – Our products are tested to standards of the Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG and LoRa Alliance to ensure interoperation with all other compliant devices and gateways.

Interoperability – We test our products in our own interoperability labs against hundreds of access points and with the latest mobile phones so that your product ultimately provides a seamless user experience for your customers.

Modules – Pre-certified, fully-tested modules provide a quick and easy way to get your product to market with little to no RF experience while saving you thousands of dollars by removing a majority of certification testing fees.

Hardware Design Guides – Use our guides to develop your design with confidence. Our design guides provide the building blocks to help you achieve agency certification.

Manufacturing and Quality

Firmware Revision Control – To ensure you receive the exact product you designed with, we provide pre-programmed modules with Firmware (FW) versions as part of the orderable part number. Also, we publish recent firmware versions to our product pages, ensuring you can always recover the FW version you need.

EOL Policy – Our customer-driven obsolescence policy means that as long as customers still want our products, we will continue to produce them. If your application has a long lifecycle, this can prevent costly redesigns often caused by a product being discontinued.

Reliability/Quality – We follow stringent qualification processes to ensure robust operation throughout the product lifetime, so that your customers can expect the same connectivity experience throughout the life of their device. For additional information on the testing of a particular wireless device, contact your local sales representative.

Support – Our wireless products are directly supported by our integrated development environment for microcontrollers, and by Linux drivers for our microprocessors. You can find additional support for our wireless products via our forums, our knowledge base, our wireless design check service, our developer help and our ticket system. Our support collateral can also help you find additional components for your design, including microcontrollers, memory, analog, timing solutions and more. Click here for the support page.

Wireless Video Channel