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Microchip's USB Portfolio

Originally intended as a replacement for serial and parallel connections on a PC to connect mice, keyboards and printers, the Universal Serial Bus interface has grown to become common in many embedded industrial, medical, automotive and consumer applications. Microchip’s USB solutions are designed to support the growing needs of these markets with a full complement of robust, highly integrated USB Hubs and Devices and USB MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs.

USB Hubs and Devices

  • USB Hubs
  • USB-C™ and Power Delivery Controllers
  • USB Bridges
  • USB Port Power Controllers
  • USB Switches
  • USB Transceivers
  • USB Security
  • USB Graphics

USB MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs

  • 8-bit USB PIC MCUs
  • 16-bit USB PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs
  • 32-bit USB MCUs