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Microchip SuperFlash® Memory

Invented by Silicon Storage Technologies (SST), now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip, SuperFlash® technology is an innovative Flash memory technology providing erase times up to 1,000 times faster than competing Flash memory technologies on the market. Our serial and parallel Flash memory products are an excellent choice for applications requiring superior performance, excellent data retention and high reliability.

Why design with SuperFlash memory?

  • Broad offering of Serial SPI, SQI™ and Parallel NOR Flash products
  • Increased throughput and lower manufacturing costs with the industry’s fastest erase times
  • Excellent reliability and data retention

Learn More About SuperFlash Technology

Find out what makes Microchip’s SuperFlash memory different and learn the surprising ways in which it can reduce your costs.

FAQs on Flash Memory

Unsure how to choose the right Flash memory for your design? Learn more about Flash memory terminology and start your selection process.

SuperFlash Memory with Pre-Programmed MAC Addresses

Need a MAC address to get your hardware connected to the Internet? Microchip makes it easy with Serial Flash products pre-programmed with globally unique IEEE EUI-48™ and EUI-64™ addresses.

Serial NOR Flash Memory (SPI, QSPI / Quad SPI) Products by Density

Parallel NOR Flash Memory Products by Density