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Embedded Security Solutions

The Need is Real

The number of attacks continues to grow and, as more and more things are connected, vulnerability continues to rise. Security measures need to be considered across all layers of an embedded design, including on-device storage, communication hardware and protocols, node and gateway implementations, device management systems, cloud computing and more. Security needs to be a consideration at each design’s inception and Microchip can provide the solutions and partners needed to help protect your products and, ultimately, your IP, brand and revenue stream.

Define Your System, Protect Your Interests

Systems of all types need security, but not necessarily the same type of security. By defining what security category your product falls within, you can better valuate the underlying assets that require protection. This will identify key threats and the security measures that can be taken to safeguard designs.  

Education is Essential

Adding security measures to an embedded design can be a daunting task even for security experts. Learn about the elements of security that impact your design from our experienced security team. Whether you’re starting a new project or looking to upgrade an existing design we’ll provide the embedded security education you need.  


We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your security design.

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Selecting a Security Solution

Confidently create embedded security solutions that protect your products with the industry’s most comprehensive security portfolio and world-class Security Partner Program available from Microchip. With cutting-edge approaches to security, as well as immediate responses to industry-wide attacks, we provide the flexibility to create custom solutions to fit the individual needs of each design. From authentication devices and trusted platform modules, to crypto-enabled microcontrollers and microprocessors, software libraries and enhanced protocols, explore the possibilities and start building your secured solution today.