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Environmental Health and Safety

Microchip’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) program is based on our “Professional Ethics Are Practiced” guiding value. Our focus on the health and safety of our employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, channel partners and communities in which we operate—which is coupled with our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and products—is anchored in our recognition of our social and environmental responsibilities. The management systems that we have implemented to support our EHS program are aligned to international standards (see Certificates section below) and are administered by a team of dedicated professionals providing EHS-aligned resources in the areas of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, product material compliance, construction, fire safety and health services.

As part of our ongoing focus on process improvement and transparent operations of our EHS program, we will be publishing a series of performance targets. These targets are aligned with the myriad assessments and internal reviews that our management systems require and establish goals that have been identified to have a significant impact on our environment. Updates on our progress in achieving these performance targets will be made in our annual Sustainability Report. The first of these targets is to achieve a 15% reduction of Scope 1 GHG Emissions by 2023, based on a normalized 2018 baseline.

Click here to obtain product material/substance information for Microchip products

To help you learn about our improvements, we have created this web-based self-service compliance information system. We hope you will find the information on this web page useful. If the solution that you need is not shown here, please contact your local Microchip sales office for assistance.

Microchip Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety Policies

Corporate Environmental, Safety and Health Policydownload
Microchip Thailand Environmental Policydownload
Microchip Gresham Oregon Environmental Policy - English Languagedownload
Microchip OSHA Incident Ratedownload

Microchip's Product Regulatory Information

Semiconductor Products Statement Concerning EU-REACHdownload
RoHS Certificate of Compliance for Semiconductor Productsdownload
EU Declaration of Conformity for Development Toolsdownload
Development Tools Statement Concerning EU-REACHdownload


Microchip Thailand (1) ISO 45001 Certificatedownload
Microchip Thailand (1) ISO 14001 Certificatedownload
Microchip Thailand (2) ISO 14001 Certificatedownload
Microchip Philippines ISO 14001 Certificate
Sony Green Partner Certificatedownload
Samsung Electronics Eco-Partner Certificatedownload